End of an era for motorcycle riders to be able to easily move their motorcycles from Panama to Colombia or vice versa.

On the official Stahlratte FB page, there is this announcement

The STAHLRATTE project will end this year. Check out the last options to take a trip on the boat

The options are Mexico to Cuba and back, leaving February 22 and March 14th with a few weeks in Cuba to ride around on each trip.

If you haven’t ridden Cuba yet, as an American rider with your own bike this might be one of your last chances to do this easily. Personally, I have done this twice, once riding all pavement and the second time mostly dirt…and it was nothing short of an amazing experience.

After returning from Cuba back to Isla Mujeres for the second time on April 18th, the Stahlratte will then leave Mexico for the final time on April 28th for an Atlantic Crossing to Spain via the Azores. (Which is an option for you to join if you always wanted to sail to Europe with your bike.)

There seems to have been some chatter in a recent ride report so The Sthalratte added a comment, which helps make sense of the Atlantic Crossing –

I see a lot of speculations about Stahlratte here. Maybe I can clear up some things so we don’t have to fill up Jamies thread with that.
For now it looks very much like Stahlratte is out of the game. There is a group of people in Bulgaria who is interested in taking over the boat with a different concept. That’s the reason for the atlantic-crossing in April. All that is not really settled in detail yet but right now everything is moving in that direction.

On the official website, it’s a little more to the point


Hopefully, I speak for a lot of riders and say, Captain Ludwig, thanks for the memories and all the amazing adventures you helped riders have over the years, you will be sorely missed.


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