As a world traveler they make life a lot easier not having to search for paper filters or be carrying a big stash of paper filters along when heading into remote areas…but is this a good thing?

Inmate ‘ADW’ back in 2011 made a statement that a lot of riders agree with – OEM parts must meet various validation requirements; aftermarket stuff can be made to whatever spec they feel like selling you. Oil and air are the two most important things your engine needs to live

That was in 2011 its now 2019 have stainless filters got better in the last 8 years?

Is there more data out there of specifically motorcycle riders having or not having engine issues because of stainless oil filters

In 2014 another inmate Noah aka RoninMoto stated – I have 125,000 km on my KTM 690. It has the original piston. Since the 1st oil change, it has had stainless steel filters. 

If that’s not a +1 for stainless. I’m not sure what is.

Which side of the fence do you sit?

Have you used both and had an oil analysis done as a comparison?

What is the most effective way to clean a SS filter, brake cleaner, simple green, compressed air, regular gas, or…?

Is there really a cost saving, because of how you have to clean the SS filter?

How do you know its really clean?

If they are bad why do some bikes come with them from the factory?

If they are good why do Formula 1 use paper filters?

Would you run a SS filter on your car/ truck?

Chime in with your experiences so we can all learn from them, good or bad


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