This was a hotly debated topic in a few areas of the internet recently, what are the inmates take on this?


You are passing a road sign and have your own sticker with you, do you stop and add it to a sign that is already covered…like the lead photo?

(Note: Poll results are given to you immediately after you make a choice. The yellow bar identifies your choice.  At the end of each bar, the percentage of times that each choice was chosen is shown. If you miss seeing the results, simply go back and click on the poll again. Your choice, as well as the percentages for all choices, will be shown again.)

If you answer yes! The question is why?

below are a few of the responses that were mentioned around the internet

  • Marking your spot
  • To let others know you have passed this point
  • Arrogance
  • Fun
  • Whim
  • Who cares
  • Not as bad as graffiti
  • I’m a sticker vandal, so what!
  • It’s a safety hazard, and I don’t care cause I’m a rebel
  • I only put them on the back of signs, so what’s the harm
  • First world problem

What would you say/ do if a cop pulled up as you were adorning said sign with your sticker?

If there are any LEO’s reading what is you take on this? Warning, ticket, arrest?



image: daintysquid

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