Stompgrip wants you to know that, if you’re having trouble hanging on to your motorcycle, they can help.

Stompgrip has been around for a while now, starting with snowboard applications and moving into the motorcycle world about 20 years ago. Its products fill a simple, but neccessary role: helping riders stay attached to the bike.

Stompgrip offers plenty of different options for dirt bike riders who want to upgrade their seat cover. Photo: Zac Kurylyk

Because motorcycle seats and tanks are often made of smooth, slippery materiel, Stompgrip offers seat covers and stick-on tank pads with a grippy, studded finish. The company has several different materials available, with varying ranges of grip, and a range of four different seat covers made of different materials and designs, depending on how much friction the rider wants. Some seats come with features like a series of ribs in the middle, which might be welcome for some riders, and annoy other riders.

While Stompgrip initially was known for the parts it made for sportbikes, it’s branched into the world of dirt bikes as well, with parts that are built and custom-fitted for a wide variety of models. At this point, Stompgrip doesn’t make anything specifically for adventure bikes (no seats and no custom-fit tank pads), but is looking at expanding into the ADV market. Because its products are made right in Long Beach, California, Stompgrip has the ability to come up with a design that would fit your GS/Africa Twin/Tenere/whatever, and to manufacture it in-house—they aren’t outsourcing designs to the developing world.

So, if you really want something like a high-friction seat for your ADV bike, you can always contact them through the company’s website, and they’d be happy to see what they can do to help.

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