Salads are not meant to be bland and boring. They should be a respite of freshness after a hot day’s ride. These ingredients are not suitable to be kept on the bike for any length of time so keep that in mind and shop as close to setting up camp as possible. Everything for this salad is easily adjusted depending on how many it needs to feed.

This recipe is a high protein option with loads of crunch and fibre.


1 x bag of pre-washed salad mix

1-2 ripe nectarines

1 small cucumber

50gm of brie cheese per person

50gm cooked chicken per person (optional)

Sprinkle with nuts or trail mix (optional)

Olive oil, red wine vinegar


Using your sharp knife, cut nectarines in half and remove the stone. Slice into wedges. Cut cucumber in half lengthways, then slice. Season with salt and pepper.

Combine salad leaves with cut veggies and divide between plates. Top with cheese, chicken and garnish with any nuts you have at hand for snacks, trail mix works too.

Drizzle with olive oil and red wine vinegar.

Serves 1 -2


I always have nuts, or a fruit and nut mix on the bike for a healthy snack. They also make  a great garnish for meals as well adding texture and protein. The cheese adds saltiness to this dish which is nicely balanced with the sweetness of fruit. If you aren’t a fan of fruit in savoury salads, you can leave it out and use a red pepper for crunch and sweetness.

If your salad has begun to wilt due to hot weather , soaking it in cold water for 10 minutes will bring it back to life.


  • Baby spinach or rocket can be used in place of mixed salad
  • Any in season fruit can be used. Peaches, plums, mangoes, oranges, apples and pears all work incredibly well.
  • Ham or smoked turkey slices can be used instead of cooked chicken
  • Any soft or semi-soft cheese will work. Blue cheese is particularly good if you enjoy eating it.


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