Scooters on a golf course?  There will be if Golf equipment manufacturer Sun Mountain Motor Sports has its way.  Sun Mountain recently unveiled its new single rider electric golf cart at the 2019 PGA merchandise show.

Two-wheeled golf caddy

Called the FinnCycle, the single rider golf caddy will allow a player to “ride” to a hole or a played ball quickly and efficiently.  The FinnCycle is a two-wheeled “cycle” with an electric motor and lithium battery.  A single charge will allow the cycle to complete 36 holes of golf in a single charge.   A telescopic front fork and monoshock rear suspension provides a smooth and comfortable ride.

FinnCycle Golf Caddy

The FinnCycle golf cycle. A two-wheeled, single rider way to speed up the game of golf.

The golf bag sits along the center-line of the cycle offering easy club access and stability. Braking is with a hydraulic disc brake.  Given that the FinnCycle is not a traditional golf cart, there is some hesitation to adopt the use of a cycle to carry clubs and ride around the golf course.  Sun Mountain Motorsports’ founder Rick Reimers had this to say about the FinnCycle.

“Because it’s so unique, people have objections based upon their experience. Instead of debating these concerns, I just ask them to ride it. This new experience speaks for itself, and objections are forgotten.”

Speeding up the game

Sun Mountain says it’s working towards speeding up the game of golf.  Sun says that the FinnCycle promises to add exhilaration and speed up the pace of play while still being easy to ride.  Their goal is to reduce an 18 hole play time to under two hours.

Sun will use a revenue sharing model.  The model reportedly reduces upfront costs to golf courses.  Pre-orders are currently being accepted with deliveries of the cycles beginning in Spring 2019.

You can find more information about the FinnCycle by visiting its website.





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