The self-described electric motorbike brand SUPER73 has released a special Hot Wheels edition of their fanciest e-bike, the SUPER73-RX.

SUPER73’s line of electric motorbikes all have pedals, so at best they’d be considered electric mopeds and not motorcycles. To be fair, anything with two wheels and a motor has the potential to be a whole pile of fun.

The company is only making 24 of these special-edition units. The Super73 website shows them already out of stock, and since they went on sale 9 August 2021, it looks like they sold out in a day. If you’re a super Hot Wheels fan, you might want to haunt that page.

Partnering with Hot Wheels is a blatant appeal to those of us who had (may still have, ahem) a box of Hot Wheels as a treasured childhood collection. Those of us who loved these things might, as I did, get a bit excited to think we might get a limited-edition Hot Wheels toy that matches the bike with a purchase! And you do! But it is not a SUPER73 e-bike, it is a Hot Wheels Ford Bronco with SUPER73 stickers on it. Because… reasons?

The e-bike itself has up to a 75-mile range on a charge on its 960 watt-hour battery.  It takes 5-6 hours to charge, and will accommodate a rider up to 6’8″ tall and 325lb. It has fully adjustable suspension front and back. The tires are “fatties” — 4/5″ wide front and 5″ wide rear, all-terrain jobs that will roll over pretty much anything. It can carry a rider and passenger (with an optional seat fitted), and weighs 80lb. There’s no top speed listed, but it probably depends on how much you’re willing to pedal and whether you’re going downhill. The non-special edition is $3500, and the special Hot Wheels version will run you $5,000.

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