Super73 is back with a new addition to the lineup. We’ve just got word of the new Super73 ZX, an electric motorcycle the company is billing as “versatile, affordable.”

When we first saw the Super73 S1, it was a step in a different direction. While most e-bikes run along the same design lines as mountain bikes, the S1 was built in the same style as an old-school minibike, an updated version of the “hog” that Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunn so famously rode to Aspen.

The new ZX is built along those same lines, but it’s deceiving. The low-end minibikes of old were often built around crude stationary engines and other chintzy components. The ZX isn’t as sporty as its name implies, but it does have proper 180 mm disc brakes, LCD gauge, removable 615 watt-hours battery pack, smartphone connectivity (allowing software updates to the bike’s electric powertrain, through the Android/iOS app), and an aluminum frame. But, there’s still a set of pedals, allowing this scoot to run on bicycle paths (depending on local traffic regs).

You can ride the ZX with in Pedal Assist Mode (Class 1 and 2 go up to 20mph, Class 3 and Unlimited will go up 28+ mph). Super73 claims 25-50 miles of range depending what mode you’re in, along with rider weight, speed, temperature, wind, tire pressure, and a whole other list of variables. Class 1-3 will have 1200 watt max output, and 750 watt nominal output. Unlimited has peak output of 1350 watts, and 750 watt nominal output.

The Super73 also comes with four riding modes: Eco, Tour, Sport, and Super. Riders select modes through the Super73 app, with the LCD display showing the current selected mode.

At launch, the Super73 ZX is priced at $1,995 US. It’s available for pre-order now, with delivery in July, 2021. Adding signal lights, a headlight, fenders and suspension will cost you extra.The press release says

A full range of accessories are also available, allowing customers to tailor the bike to their needs. This includes items such as a Saddleman seat, Crank Brothers bags and pedals, 1 Up Car Rack, Oury Grips, and SUPER73 custom handlebars and molle panels.

Super73 says the ZX is good for commuting to work, for running errands, or just riding for fun. Photo: Shortstache Co.
Garrett King

It also notes that early adopters will get the Moon Rock Launch Edition bike

The Moon Rock Launch Edition will have red wheel liners on the 20”x100mm wheels, while the Storm Gray models will have white liners inside the wheel rims for easy identification. The Launch Edition will be shipped with 20×4.5” LZRD Street tires that have a tire tread pattern biased towards street use but provides riders with the ability to explore almost any environment.

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