It’s a problem as old as social media (that is to say, about 15 years old): How can you get more followers on Instagram, Twitter, etc.?

In the case of Japanese motorcyclist, he found an easy answer: He grew out his hair, and posed as a female rider. Nope, not using Kylie Jenner’s latest lip gloss line, but AI technology. The Daily Mail reports he used AI face-swap technology to put a young woman’s face on his middle-aged man’s neck. Then, he took photos of himself working on bikes, showed pictures of his garage, his bedroom, all posing as a young woman. Boom! Twitter fame, with more than 19,000 followers (see his Twitter account, under the handle @azusagakuyuki, here).

The likes kept rolling in … but some fans grew suspicious. Why did this young female motorcyclist have hairy man-arms in some photos? Why did mirrors in photos reflect a middle-aged dude’s face? Hrmmmm …

Eventually, television journos caught wind of the story, and chased the face-swapping motorcyclist down. Viewers were extremely surprised to find that social media star @azusagakuyuki was actually a mustachioed man. The only real thing about his online persona was his luscious Fabio-esque locks. The rest of the act was only to gain clicks, the rider (whose name is Zonggu) confessed.

Checking out the guy’s Twitter page, it looks like he’s still keeping up the act. With that, we’ll leave this story alone, although no doubt it will pick up a second life in Jo Momma. Some matches are just made in heaven.

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