Planning to ride Europe during June, July, or August? These are the peak months when the weather is best, but also when it gets crazy busy. If you want to avoid battling tourist crowds and extortionate prices, Europe is best off-season like early spring or mid-fall. If you’re going there in the summer, however, here’s a short guide to surviving peak season in Europe.

Advance Bookings

If you can, book hotels and bike rentals way in advance. That way, not only you’ll have guaranteed reservations, but you’ll probably save a lot of money, too. It can be hard to plan well in advance, but if you’re aiming to visit Europe during peak season, that’s your best option.

Asking for Deals

Try and get AirBnB and hotel deals if you’re booking in advance and if you’re planning to stay for more than two nights. Most places are happy to offer discounts for longer stays. Alternatively, book places away from city centers or the Old Town – the further away they are from the main attraction points, the cheaper the price. Since you’re on a bike, you can get places easily anyway and don’t have to spend on cabs or hike for miles.

Rising early

The key to avoiding crowds on Europe’s most popular biker destinations like the Stelvio Pass is to get up early and get there before everyone else. Waking up at 5.30 doesn’t sound like fun – but you’ll have the whole place to yourself instead of crawling along with slow-moving traffic.

Getting off the road

What can be better than seeing Europe by means of off-road riding? Trans Euro Trail has an extensive network of off-road trails in almost every single country in Europe. Download them to your GPS and hit the trails – you’ll see a different Europe and avoid the crowds at the same time.



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