Suzuki is following the same path as Indian, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha, and will offer a home delivery option for motorcycle purchases.

Suzuki’s announcement comes as powersports dealers are coping with the fallout of COVID-19. Although the feds say powersports businesses have essential status, not everyone wants to stay open, even if they won’t be fined. Like many other businesses, dealership staff are concerned about possible exposure to the coronavirus. Some customers feel the same, and don’t want to visit the brick-and-mortar businesses. As well, with the financial impact of COVID-19, some businesses may see a decrease in traffic anyway, as customers have less money to buy powersports toys. That makes it less cost-effective to keep showrooms open.

The shop-from-home sales model avoids many of these problems. Customers can check out the bike they want through a manufacturer’s website, call their local dealer, and have it delivered to their door. Suzuki, like the other OEMs, emphasized they’re still going to ensure the customer has an excellent shopping experience; likely, they’ll be sending dealership staff with the delivery, to give customers a run-down of the machine and its controls and maintenance.

Some OEMs have opened the home delivery program to parts and accessories, and branded clothing. Suzuki’s press release just says it’s delivering ATVs, motorcycles and scooters to customers’ home addresses. However, if your local dealer is willing to arrange vehicle delivery, no doubt they can also figure out some sort of risk-free way to get other Suzuki products to you as well.

Suzuki says the program will end June 30. It might not be available in every jurisdiction, as some states are very particular about in-person vehicle sales. For more details, visit Suzuki’s website or call your local dealer.

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