Suzuki’s playing it quiet so far at the big EICMA show in Milan, but one thing we do know is happening for 2022: The Katana naked bike is getting an overhaul which boosts power and also offers improved electronics.

The main difference for 2022 seems to be an engine overhaul, aimed at updating the emissions profile to Euro5 approval. Along the way, Suzuki also found an extra three ponies in the four-cylinder, boosting output to 150 horsepower.

As part of this process, Suzuki put a new ride-by-wire throttle on the bike. In turn, this allowed the engineers to mess with the bike’s five-mode traction control system (which can also be switched off) and the bike’s selection of riding modes.

Not many changes for 2022, but the engine does sound like it should be more competent. Photo: Suzuku

Suzuki also messed around with the engine’s intake (new airbox, new throttle bodies) and its internals, with new camshaft, new clutch assist system, new up/down quickshifter and other updated bits. There’s also a new ECU.

So, while it’s still the same basic engine as before, derived from the way, wayyyyy-back K5-series GSX-R1000, it’s come a long way since then. Suzuki continues its strategy of incremental upgrades making good bikes better, instead of starting all over from scratch. The frame and suspension are basically the same, as are the seat and plastics.

Suzuki did freshen up the bike’s looks with some paint changes, but it was a minor change. Other changes include rubber-mounted handlebars, a revised 4-2-1 exhaust and improved LCD screen (wot, no TFT?). Pricing for the new-for-’22 Katana is unknown, but we expect it in both the US and Canadian markets sometime this coming spring.

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