We’ve already told you about the latest evolution of the new Suzuki Hayabusa.  The bike has an evolutionary, but not a revolutionary redesign.  According to Suzuki, the new 2022 Hayabusa’s design is purposefully evolutionary.

And in a new video, Suzuki reveals how and why the latest Hayabusa evolved.  The video can be found in Suzuki’s new “Suzuki Motorcycle Global Salon.”  Inside the Salon is a Hayabusa microsite that hosts an under a six-minute video of how the latest ‘Busa evolves into what it is now.

In the video, Suzuki says that it looked at several revolutionary changes.  They looked at significant changes like forced induction and a new six-cylinder engine.  But they found that these types of modifications didn’t necessarily make the bike better.

And, after many product marketing sessions with Hayabusa owners, they learned that riders didn’t want the ‘Busa to be changed, they just wanted it to be better.  So the Suzuki team began the development of an evolution of the Hayabusa rather than significant changes.

In the video, you will hear from many members of Suzuki’s Hayabusa design team.  Team members like engineers, stylists, and test riders all provide their viewpoints on the Hayabusa and its development.   It’s an interesting look at the philosophy Suzuki embraces in redesigning the bike.

The video is approximately 6:00 minutes in length.  And, since Suzuki’s development team is in Japan, you’ll have to read subtitles.  Nonetheless, the video is a good look into the thinking of the latest generation of Suzuki’s iconic Hayabusa.


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