A new Suzuki motorcycle is coming to India.  According to a Suzuki teaser invitation, the new machine will be unveiled on May 20, 2019.  It’s not clear whether the unveiling will be for the public or a private dealer show.

The teaser shows the front part of the bike with the tagline “Witness the dawn of greatness.  20.05.19”.  A picture shows a dark silhouette of the front of the machine with the headlights highlighted.

Suzuki’s teased bike could be similar to the Haojue 300 built by Suzuki’s Chinese partner. Photo credit: Haojue

The launch date is May 20, 2019.  But it’s not clear whether it will be publically unveiled for all or a private dealer show.

Online speculation

Most outlets are speculating that the new machine will be Suzuki’s new Gixxer 250. Although little is known about the actual machine, online speculation is pretty consistent.

The Haojue 300 headlight used for representational purposes. Photo credit: Haojue.


The bike will likely have a single cylinder engine making horsepower in the 20s.  Earlier Suzuki patent applications show the engine featuring fuel injection and oil cooling.

Front and rear disc brakes will be standard along with dual channel ABS.  The suspension will reportedly include an upside-down front fork with a monoshock at the rear.

A digital instrument dash similar to this one is anticipated. Photo credit: Haojue.

The bike will feature full LED headlights and taillights.  A fully digital instrument cluster will provide the riding information.


The bike will likely share its styling with the Haojue 300 which is Suzuki’s Chinese partner’s version of the Suzuki GSX-S300.   Based upon this, you can expect naked styling with a muscular fuel tank and a sleek headlight up front.

The rear of the Haojue 300. Photo credit: Haojue.


The bike will be priced at approximately 1.4 Indian lakh.  That translates to approximately  $2,017 USD.

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