According to Indian media outlet DriveSpark, Suzuki India will unveil a new “product” on October 7, 2020.  Exactly what the new product is is anyone’s guess at the moment.  But Suzuki made the announcement with a teaser image that says to “Block your date” with the tagline, “Introducing A Superior Way To Ride.”

Some outlets speculate that the “product will be a new or updated model.  And DriveSpark also suggests that this could be the case.  A new larger Suzuki Intruder cruiser has been in the works for the Indian market for quite some time, and DriveSpark says that the new machine could be a 250cc version of the current Intruder 150 using the engine from the Gixxer 250.

Suzuki Intruder 150

Could the new product be an update to a larger 250cc engine for the Intruder 150?

Not a new model, but technology

But DriveSpark seems to be betting on the product not being a new model.  To back up their guess, they point to the teaser image, which, if looked at closely, seems to resemble a motorcycle display.  This leads them to believe that the product could be something associated with connected mobility.

They point out that connected technology has become extremely popular in the Indian market as of late.  Many brands in India are already offering such technology with Bluetooth smartphone pairing along with a mobile app.

DriveSpark says that the new product could offer riders the ability to communicate with their two-wheeler and receive information such as ride stats, turn by turn navigation, mobile phone calls, and SMS alerts.

Further, they point to the entire Indian Suzuki model lineup, that except for the Access 125, has digital displays.  They then postulate that Suzuki could update its two-wheeler lineup with an all-new instrument console featuring the manufacturer’s Suzuki Ride Connect technology.  And they say that fits perfectly with Suzuki’s tagline, “A Superior Way To Ride.”

Whatever the new product is, we apparently won’t have to wait long.  October 7 is only a few days away.


Image credit: Suzuki India

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