If you’ve bought a new Ducati Multistrada V4, and you’re looking to kit it out, good news! SW-Motech has released a line of accessories for the made-in-Italy adventure bike, with all the basic bits most riders are looking for.

Naturally, Ducati has its own range of factory-stamped accessories for the bike (mostly built by third-party manufacturers like SW-Motech …). However, many riders will want a more affordable option, or prefer the function of other gear. Or, maybe they already own SW-Motech bags, and they want to attach their older stuff to their new bike.

With that in mind, the core piece of the SW-Motech system is a bike-specific rack, fit specifically to the V4 Multi. While many luggage systems are built around universal bags, you still need a rack that’s fitted specifically to your machine. The Adventure Rack allows you to mount an SW-Motech top box (including the aluminum TRAX ADV boxes and the plastic Urban boxes, as well as boxes from other manufacturers, if you’re willing to do some adaptation). SW-Motech also lists its SYS-BAG 30 system and other saddlebags, although you’ll need pannier racks to mount them, and it seems those haven’t been uploaded to the website yet.

SW-Motech also lists its PRO-, EVO and ION tank bags, and quick-mount rings for them. Again, this is just a quick adaptation of existing pieces in the lineup.

Perhaps the most useful piece in SW-Motech’s new Multi V4 catalog. Photo: SW-Motech

For now, the list of protective parts is slim—just a header guard, axle sliders, and these engine crash bars. There’s also the usual lineup of kickstand extenders, fog lamps and mirror extensions under the Safety category. The Comfort category has updated footpegs and seat cushions. There’s a bike-specific GPS mount as well.

Expect to see these parts (and probably more) become available in North America in coming months, but you will probably see a longer wait time than normal, thanks to COVID-19 delays.

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