TAT and CDR Riders Take Note…

Summers coming fast, but not in high elevation areas!

Snow levels in some areas are at near record levels shown on the NRCS and CDAC in some cases 160% +/- over ‘normal levels.

This is Red Mountian Pass aka Million Dollar Highway between Ouray and Silverton, just over a week ago and in some sections, snow was up to 30 feet deep and multiple landslides

For TAT and CDR riders this summer this could mean later than normal pass opening dates and prolific mosquitoes.

Be aware of particular passes you plan to ride, have second third and possibly forth choices for go-arounds. Plan accordingly so you don’t miss some amazing views.

The ground will obviously be softer than normal, puddles will be deep and soft ground could cause more drops than normal

If you are in planning mode for this summers ride keep this website Bushducks on your bookmarks to keep tabs on passes as they open and also to plan your go-arounds.

If any locals inmates who live in high elevation areas that know of other websites with good accurate reliability, please add them in the comments below


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