Everybody has a dream job—quality assurance at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, that sort of thing. Now, Team Obsolete is offering a once-in-a-lifetime employment opportunity. The group is hiring a mechanic to wrench on its collection of vintage racebikes.

Here are the details, as per Team Obsolete’s Facebook post:

Team Obsolete has an opening for a skilled race mechanic to service our famous stable of exotic race bikes: ex-Hailwood Honda 250/6, ex Agostini MV Agusta triples and fours, ex Bob Mac AJS Porcupine, ex Rayborn XR750TT, ex Dick Mann BSA Triple, Roper’s TT winning G50 Matchless, and many more.

Excellent workshop facilities in historic Downtown Brooklyn, New York. Send Resume and personal statement to: bikes@clocktowerproperties.com

Who’s Team Obsolete?

Who’s Team Obsolete anyway, and how’d they get their hands on a garage full of vintage racebikes? The Brooklyn-based group calls itself “the world’s first and foremost Vintage Road Race Team,” and they’ve been racing all over the world since 1981. Back then, it was a little easier to acquire bikes from the ’60s, and Team Obsolete certainly has some interesting machines. The group has a 1964 Honda 250/6, a six-cylinder racer that revs to 18,000 rpm. They’ve got several rare MV Agusta factory bikes, as well as GP machines from Benelli, AJS and other marques. Along with the exotic ex-GP bikes, they also have more sensible production-based racers. In total, Team Obsolete has won more than 300 races aboard its collection of vintage bikes.

Of course, keeping such rare and unique machines in running order is a massive challenge. The teams who designed, built and maintained these bikes are dead or retired, and many of the parts would have been one-offs. With that in mind, the chance to mechanic away on this stable of vintage bikes is truly a call for a master technician.

For more details on Team Obsolete, visit the website or Facebook page.

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