The founder of ADVRider, Chris MacAskill, aka Baldy, started ADVRider as a result of a desire to experience what the rest of the world was like.  What were its people like?  What did they do day to day?  So he headed south and traveled through Mexico to learn about its people.  Upon his return, he decided that there was a need for a place for riders to talk about what they’d seen and experienced.  Viola, ADVRider was born.  A forum where people could meet and share their experiences.

Travel Dreams

You too have always wanted to go on a long motorcycle ride.  You want to travel to new countries, experience different cultures and try unfamiliar languages.  But life somehow just seems to get in the way.  You have a family, a difficult job and not nearly enough money as you would like.  But worst of all, you just don’t have the time to travel the world.   Well even with life’s daily requirements getting in the way, you can still experience much of the world.  But this time, you’re not the traveler, the traveler comes to you!  You may not have known it, but ADVRider can help you travel all over the world without ever leaving your home.  Really.

Tim, Toby and Tim visited us via the ADVRider Tent Space thread.

“Tent space”

J.R.R Tolkien’s poem All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter has a wonderful line; “Not all those who wander are lost”.  This single line takes on great significance for those who travel to understand the world and themselves.  Here’s where ADVRider’s TENT SPACE thread helps.  The TENT SPACE thread was created to support people’s dreams of travel and promote knowledge and sharing.  Travelers always need a place to put their head down for the night.  Some travelers are just looking for a place to pitch a tent.  Others may be open to staying indoors if you have the space and inclination to have someone new in your home.  Traveling can be an exciting journey, but sometimes just having a place to relax with like-minded people can be a salve to a tired spirit.

Nearly as important as a place to stay is the need for travelers to experience the people surrounding them, learn about their culture, likes, desires and fears.  With a place to stay and some good conversation, both the traveler and the host gain valuable insights into each other.  In the exchange of thoughts, travelers learn about the people they are visiting and on the same scale, the hosts learn about travelers from other parts of the world.

Our legendary ADVRider Tent Space fire pit.

Your Turn

Now that you know that you can host people from other parts of your country of other parts of the world, what should you do?  Sign up of course.  Go to the Tent Space Sign-Up Thread and post whatever hosting facilities you may have.  Let folks know if they can camp or stay in your home and what things may be available to assist a traveler.  To give you an idea, here’s what ours looks like.

We’re now in just outside of Woodstock, Vermont (VT) and happy to host ADVers.  We’ve moved from New Hampshire into the woods of VT.  We’re 3/4s of the way up a mountain, with 2.6 miles of town maintained dirt road to get here.  We are on 16 acres and have some great ways to come and visit.  Gravel road and trail riding around here is excellent.  Lot’s of very twisty paved roads too.


If you want to camp, we have nice, flat acreage with a pond and a huge fire pit (think visible from space).  We also have a house, barn, 3 vehicle covered area (attached to the barn) and workshop with a lift and tools.

If you’d like to stay indoors, we have a spare bedroom, full bath, laundry facilities, TV and a PC with FIOS for connection to the outside world.  All are available to you.
Beer is good, wine is fine, but shared stories of travels are expected. :freaky

Email us at XXXXXXX  or call us at (XXX) XXX-XXXX.  If we are around, you have a place to stay.

Welcome to VT!

Mike and Kim

If you want our actual contact info, you are going to have to come and find us in the TENT SPACE thread.

Host And Visitor Experiences

So now that you know how to list your willingness to host and learn about others, what can you expect?  Well, ADVRider has that covered as well.  Head on over to the Tent Space Experiences thread and you can see what hosts have to say about their guests and what guests say about their hosts.  You’ll likely be won over by the experiences people have posted.

Kim and I making some riding suggestions to our tent space guests Tim & Toby (far L & R).

Our Turn

Both my wife and I ride and travel on bikes.  So soon after we became members of we put our home on the TENT SPACE thread.  We’ve had nothing short of spectacular experiences from each visit we had.  For example, we had Jeff from Australia visit us.  He purchased a bike and California and rode it to our home in New Hampshire (we’ve since moved).  It was a great experience just sharing what Australia and America were like.  Jeff stayed with many TENT LIST hosts during his travels across the United States and had nothing but great things to say them.  We were able to give him a few tips about New Hampshire and the surrounding states and he gave us some good info on Australia.  We’ve had people from other countries visit as well.  It’s been an awesome learning experience.

You may also have visitors from all over the United States as well.  We’ve had many and once again, we developed friendships which have lasted for years.  There have been nights spent around a firepit with conversation, a few beverages and the stars for company.  In each and every case, the guests were wonderful and we built friendships along the way.  So do yourself and a fellow ADVRider traveler a favor and sign up for the TENT SPACE thread.  You won’t regret it.

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