With COVID-19 severely impacting the moto show world, a bright spot may be coming early next year.  The 13th edition of the Motor Bike Expo (MBE) is currently set for January 21-24, 2021, in Verona, Italy.

With the cancellation of INTERMOT and EICMA, large scale moto shows are on the outs, and digital rollouts are becoming more common.  Whether the large scale shows will return to their previous eminence is up for grabs.

If the MBE has its way, large scale bike shows will return to their previous prominence.  The last edition, held before the impact of COVID, garnered over 170,000 visitors.  The organizers are hoping that their 2021 will draw many more.

The MBE claims that it “…is the largest in the world dedicated to motorcycle customization involving all sectors: from street to racing, from offroad to adventuring.”  While the event focuses on customization, it does not mean that moto manufacturers are not present.

According to the organizers, many motorcycle manufacturers attended the last edition of MBE including:

MBE moto manufacturers

These moto manufacturers attended the last edition of MBE.

That’s quite a list of moto manufacturers.  But will they show up for MBE in early 2021?  Digital rollouts are quite a bit cheaper than attending a trade show.  So the MBE may become an indicator of how manufacturers see moto shows for the future.

We don’t know whether the impact of COVID will be higher or smaller than it is now.  Even if they want to attend, manufacturers, as well as individual people, may have concerns about how a large scale show can be conducted safely.

We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed.  Hopefully, large scale moto shows can make a safe return to prominence.

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