KTM is once again going with the tried-and-true formula:

KTM is building another Erzbergrodeo-edition bike this year. The 2021 KTM 300 EXC 300 TPI Erzbergrodeo is already confirmed for Europe, and it is likely only a matter of time until we see it in North America.

Obviously, the machine is named as a tribute to the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo, the Austrian hard enduro event that chews up and spits out even the toughest riders and bikes. KTM’s long had a sponsorship partnership with the event.

So what sets this machine apart from the standard 300? It seems, from what we’ve read out of Europe, that the fuel-injected two-stroke single-cylinder engine remains the same, except for possible some changes to engine map management. Thanks to the stranglehold of emissions regulations, you’re less and less likely to see factory hot-rodded machines these days.

Brappity-brap! Photo: KTM

However, the greeniacs don’t care if you bolt armour or other non-emissions-changing upgrades, so that’s what KTM did. From the factory, the Erzbergrodeo bike comes with radiator guards and a radiator fan (not necessarily stock equipment on dirt bikes). The clutch master cylinder and rear brake disc are also armoured up, and there’s a safety cable on the rear brake as well. TheĀ  bike gets a factory-style race seat and skid plate, a Supersproxx Stealth sprocket, CNC-machined triple clamps and sticky Metzeler 6 Days Extreme tires as standard.

All very nice upgrades for an over-the-counter bike, and of course the machine also comes with graphics that set it apart as an Erzbergrodeo machine.

We’d expect this machine in the US and Canada by fall, unless global supply chain issues rule that out. KTM hasn’t announced North American MSRP yet.

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