Next season’s KTM enduro range is here, and just like the MX/cross-country bikes, there are a few minor changes, but no major updates.

The EXC and XC-W range sees suspension settings updated for 2022, supposedly offering a firmer, more responsive ride. The line also gets MAXXIS MaxxEnduro tires, which are supposed to further improve traction and also last longer, with more puncture resistance.

What exactly changed with the suspension? Not much—a new set of outer tubes for the forks is supposed to reduce friction. The XPLOR forks also get new springs, which are supposed to keep the oil cleaner thanks to more polishing. And, the cartridge screw assembly is also changed, to allow better control of the front end’s rebound damping.

In back, the PDS shock has … a new O-ring, and updated settings. Not much to see here, either.

Aside from that, riders get Bold New Graphics. Hrm. KTM gives the enduro bikes a paint scheme that echoes factory race bike graphics; the 2022 KTM EXC Six Days gets some retro flair thrown in as well.

The Six Days series gets a graphic update that brings it closer to old-school KTM race bikes. Photo: KTM

Why no real upgrades?

Usually, offroad bikes are regularly updated; even between major generational overhauls, there’s a long list of minor updates each year. So why did KTM keep the changes to a minimum?

Most likely, you can blame the coronavirus pandemic. Global supply chains are a mess, and KTM probably doesn’t want to change anything up while the situation is so delicate. Dirt bikes are selling like mad, with or without updates. There’s always plenty of time to overhaul the lineup for 2023.


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