The ADV: Overland exhibit is now open at the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles, giving a comprehensive (and rare) look at the earliest days of overland motorcycle travel, as well as 4×4 travel and even intergalactic exploration.

ADV: Overland is put together by the Motorcycle Arts Foundation (MAF), which is itself an offshoot of  The Vintagent. The Vintagent is a well-known media company “dedicated to Vintage Motorcycles and Motorcycle Culture, Art, Design, and Film.”

We had a previous write-up on the ADV: Overland exhibit here, with Vintagent founder Paul d’Orléans telling us what’s on display. Considering the hard life that overland bikes lead, there’s a surprising number of famous motorcycles at the exhibit, surviving not only the rigors of offroad riding, but also the ravages of time.

Highlights of the show include R.E. Fulton’s 1932 Douglas Mastiff (the bike he rode around the world for his book One Man Caravan). Max Reisch’s 1933 Puch 250SL, the first motor vehicle ridden overland to India, is also on display. That bike appears in “as-ridden” condition, including the original luggage and accessories.

Several other famous early overland bikes also appear, as well as vintage adventure bikes that have had more recent adventures. ADVrider inmate @rtwdoug contributed his ’62 Harley-Davidson Panhead chopper and 1948 Indian Chief to the exhibit.

More contemporary machines on display include the expected BMW GS, and the Harley-Davidson LiveWire that Charley Boorman rode in Long Way Up.

And, there’s a look at the future. There’s also a couple of Mars rovers on display (on loan from NASA), showing the possible future of overlanding. There’s a concept “space bike” and other groovy Spaceman Spiff-style stuff as well.

While the focus is on motorcycles, there are four-wheeled vehicles on display, including Parnelli Jones’ famous ‘Big Oly’ Baja race truck, and Dave Ekins’ Honda N600 race car.

The show’s opening reception runs July 15—find tickets and more details here.

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