The Adventurists, purveyors of world-class madcap fun, have added a new event to their schedule. Starting this September, mad lads and lasses can take part in the Monkey Run Scotland.

What’s the Monkey Run?

The Monkey Run is a highly sketchy rally the Adventurists have run in various countries (Morocco, Peru, Mongolia, the US) since 2015. The concept is simple: Take a monkey bike (like the famous Honda Z50), and ride it along a route that you probably shouldn’t take a monkey bike along. Like, the Sahara desert, or the Andes. See below:

Obviously, this event is aimed at a much different clientele than a RawHyde tour, and you’ll get a much different experience. And yet, the idea of using a small-bore machine like a monkey bike is so crazy, it might actually be genius. As per the Adventurists’ website:

The Monkey Bike is the essence of genius in slightly unreliable machine form. Driving this miniature design marvel will incite the full spectrum of emotions from delirious driving joy to utter despair.

They’re quite slow but feel fast because your arse is already nearly on the ground. That also means it won’t hurt as much when you fall off. Which you probably will.

They are lightweight and nimble; handy when you have to push it up the odd mountain here and there. They even have an expedition-ready luggage rack over the rear wheel which can easily hold your wallet and maybe your keys. In summary: completely unsuitable and therefore perfect for old school adventure.

Off to Scotland!

The Adventurists provide fun all around the world, doing much more than minibike trips (long-distance rallies for aircraft, sailing craft, rickshaws, horses—you name it!).  You can see all about this fun at the organization’s website here.

COVID-19 has obviously created a problem with international travel, so the UK-based Adventurists are cooking up a rally closer to home. They’re still working out the details, but here’s what they know so far. The first Monkey Run Scotland will run in September, 2021. It’s the first (The Adventureists call it the Pioneer Edition), so we’d expect even more mayhem than usual. The event will be a week long, and there will be 30 spaces. The Adventurists expect demand to vastly outstrip supply; indeed, initial reports seem to indicate there will be hundreds of interested participants who will get turned down this year.

What will the rally look like?

As they’re still in the early stages of planning, The Adventurists haven’t released too many deets. It seems the general idea is to rip around Scotland’s more rural areas, which means lots of lovely scenery and foul weather, nae doot. P’raps they’ll head to some of the smaller islands, where the monkey bikes’ low speed might be less of an issue?

If you want more information, your best bet is to stay tuned to The Adventurists’ website in coming days. There’s an application form for the rally here, if you feel driven to sign up!

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