Is it a bicycle? Is it a scooter?

Charleston, SC’s Bintelli already make plenty of both of those. And company president Justin Jackrel says the new Fusion isn’t one or the other — it’s a hybrid. From there it was a short step to calling their new ride the Fusion.

Powered rear hub — image courtesy of Bintelli

Unveiled for the first time at AIMExpo in Las Vegas, there’s only one Fusion in the US right now. The company has had it for just two weeks. But they plan to have more out to their 150 dealers by December.

So back to our original question; what is it?

The Bintelli Fusion is a 70 lb (32 kgs,) battery-powered, pedal-assisted, two-wheel transportation machine that tops out at 25 mph and is intended for both street and dirt.

The range depends on how much you pedal. Without pedal assist it’s about 20-25 miles. If you pedal, and Jackrel says most e-bike owners enjoy doing so, the range can extend to 30-35 miles. The digital dash has five levels of pedal assist and the higher the level you choose, the further you stretch the battery.

Digital dash with five levels of pedal assist — image courtesy of Bintelli

The batt pulls out from under the seat for in-home or in-office recharging. It takes 4-6 hours to recharge from flat, but it has a smart charger, so you can top it up and go out again if you need to. A spare battery will set you back between $400 and $800 each, depending upon the type you buy.

Cargo rack on the Fusion — image courtesy of Bintelli

The frame is built to accessorize and you can add a cargo rack.

Bintelli have taken their popular e-bike and added head-and-tail lights, turn signals and a more comfortable seat.

LED headlight — image courtesy of Bintelli

The Fusion can go in bike lanes. Justin Jackrel says it doesn’t have to be licensed, registered or insured — as far as the law is concerned, it’s a bicycle.

Turn signal switches — image courtesy of Bintelli

The Bintelli Fusion costs $1799. You can either seek out one of the 150 Bintelli dealerships nationwide, or you can order from their website,

Comfy seat — image courtesy of Bintelli

In the two weeks that they had their first example, Bintelli went into the woods of South Carolina and shot this introductory video.

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