It’s summer in North America, and you should be out riding. But, if you’re stuck at home for some reason this weekend, good news: The Black Hills Moto Film Festival runs next weekend (August 13-15), and it’s totally free.

“Wait,” you say: “I don’t live near the Black Hills, so what good is this movie festival to me?”

More good news: The Black Hills Moto Film Festival is watchable online, so all you need is a computer/mobile device and an Internet connection.

This is the second year for the Black Hills movie festival, and the second year it’s run online. Founded in 2020 by the Rev Sisters, the festival has categories for Ultra Short, Short and Feature films. Along with “Best Of” competition in these categories, the festival also has awards for novice filmmakers in these categories, along with Most Inspirational and Judges Choice awards.

(Full disclosure: I was a judge at this year’s festival. I’m not sure why I’m disclosing this, because it was all volunteer work, but no doubt some inmate will start yelling at me with the Caps Lock on, if I don’t put this here).

Like last year, the films are viewable for free over the festival weekend (August 13-15). An extended viewing pass costs only $10, if you don’t have the chance to watch everything over a three-day weekend. That lets you watch all the way through August 29, plenty of time to take in the 30+ hours at this year’s festival.

What are this year’s films about?

There’s a wide variety of films at this year’s festival, from shaky amateur-shot shorts to slick feature-length docs. The festival itself hasn’t listed the lineup on its website yet, but since I’ve seen them all, I can tell you there’s several travel films, as well as films about dirt biking, speedway racing, even short biographies.

You can find tickets to the festival here.

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