The Dainese Group, owners of the Dainese and AGV brands, just added another company to the collection, by acquiring footwear maker TCX.

What happened here—why was TCX up for acquisition? Given that both companies are Italian, maybe this is another ripple of the coronavirus pandemic. Or maybe, it’s as simple as TCX ownership wanting out of the game. Whatever the case, the deal is done, and Dainese controls even more of the industry now.

At least TCX is going to continue forward. Dainese says “it’s less of an ‘acquisition’ and more of an investment in an industry we are all passionate about.” That’s good news for riders who like TCX’s boots. For years, TCX has made high-quality footwear with a little more flair than made-in-China stuff. TCX has a broad line, making everything from cool cafe racer lace-ups to practical all-day sport touring boots to rugged dual sport stompers, and even several styles of full-on offroad footwear. They used to be harder to find, but now with the advent of the online retail sector, they’re much easier to track down. Currently, TCX has a full-length Drifter adventure touring boot, and mid-length and full-length Baja adventure touring boots.

“Improving safety in dynamic sports has always been the Dainese mission,” said Cristiano Silei, the CEO of Dainese Group. “We are committing to ongoing research into innovative systems that protect athletes from head to toe, and are extremely proud of the operation we’ve built. TCX shares with Dainese the passion for product and adds technical and development skills that are fundamental in motorbike footwear. I welcome the TCX team – we’re extremely excited to be working together.”

So what does it mean for consumers? Hard to say what this will do to pricing, but you should see TCX boots showing up in Dainese stores soon, at least, which makes it easier to find the right fit.

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