Many of us have wanted to enter the Dakar Rally.  And we’ll go to great lengths to prepare for this lifetime event.  But woe be unto the competitor that does not understand all of the Dakar rulebook.

It’s a mammoth amount of information that is contained in a 472-page Pdf rulebook.  So there are many things that a rider must know if they are to compete and finish the Dakar without penalty or disqualification.

This week’s quiz will test your knowledge of the rally’s rules.  All of the answers come from the provisional 2021 Dakar regulations.

Some of the answers are likely pretty well known.  Others may surprise you, and some you may never have even thought about. Nevertheless, I think you’ll find this quiz fun and somewhat difficult.  It’s difficult enough that I’ve included a bonus question at the end of the quiz.

Once you are done, let everyone know how well you did in the comments below.  Enjoy!





Source:  2021 Dakar rule book

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