Right now I’m looking out the window of my Vermont home watching a heavy, wet, snow fall. It is dawning on me that my motorcycle riding may be over for a while unless there’s a brief warm-up or I somehow get myself to warmer climes. In fact, my riding is probably done until mid-March next year.

So what am I going to do during this downturn for outdoor two-wheeled fun? Ice racing? Nope, the lakes and ponds are far from being frozen over. Go skiing? Nah. Even though one of my local ski areas is open for the season, the snow at this time of year is pretty crappy and the trails quite abbreviated.

I’m getting pretty bummed. But in the back of my mind, I seem to recall that there may be a relative solution. I’ve never had the chance to ride one, but a snowmachine may be the answer. No, not a snowmobile (or “sled” as they are known around these parts), but something more bike oriented. Something with a twist grip throttle, a clutch lever, and a foot mounted shifter and brake.

There isn’t much deep powder around here even in the dead of winter. But we do have lots and lots of snow going trails. In fact, more than 4,700 miles called the VAST (Vermont Association of Snow Travelers) that are mostly not open to two-wheeled contrivances in the snowless months. The snow is not perfect, it’s often hard, icy, and rock and root infested.  Still, I think I need to hit the trails with what a timbersled. Yes, that might do the trick!

So now that I’ve thought it through, apparently all is not lost for the winter. I’m going to try out a timbersled and see how it rides on the groomed and not so groomed stuff we get here. It doesn’t have two wheels, but it does have a ski, a track, and the ability to have some fun at speed through the trees. Perhaps winter won’t be so bad after all.

Stay tuned!

Edited: To Change VAST acronym to Vermont Association of Snow Travelers.  Thanks, VTwingman.


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