The great tattle-tale of the moto world, the California Air Resources Board, is telling us Honda’s finally bringing an adventure scooter to the US.

According to, Honda has applied to have its ADV150 sold in California, and we can logically infer it’ll be available in the rest of the US as well. Maybe Canada, maybe not, as Canucks still don’t have the new Super Cub or Monkey 125 up there …

The ADV150 is already sold in overseas markets, after being unveiled in Indonesia last July. It’s typical of what Honda’s doing these days, taking a platform that is sellable in both developing and developed markets, and giving it a spin that makes it more interesting (see also: Super Cub, CBR300, Monkey 125). In this case, Honda took the PCX150 scooter and built a more adventurous machine around the engine (it makes roughly 14 hp, 10 lb-ft of torque, in case you wondered). The ADV150 looks like it’s got a bit more ground clearance than the average scooter, and the bodywork is kinda-sorta styled after the much-larger XL-ADV scooter (which is based around the NC750 platform). It weighs just over 290 lb, and comes in either ABS or non-ABS versions overseas. There’s a 14-inch front wheel, and 13-inch rear, 7.4 gallons of storage under the seat, and 2-gallon fuel tank. Of course, it’s got a twist-and-go throttle, with Honda’s V-matic transmission. Front suspension comes from dual telescopic forks, with dual Showa shocks in back.

No doubt pricing would be in the same range as the PCX150, which sells for $3,599 plus tax and fees in the US—don’t be surprised if the ADV150 has a slightly higher MSRP.

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