Honda continues to push incremental upgrades to its latest-generation Gold Wing; now, it’s getting a software update, with Android Auto available in June.

It’s a sign of the times. The Gold Wing has always been a technologically advanced motorcycle (except for those years that ABS was inexplicably unavailable), but the latest model overhaul saw a significant jump into the world of infotainment. Instead of the Windjammer-mounted FM radio, the modern Gold Wing has a touch screen that connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth. You can use the infotainment system for navigation and other information, and you can also use it to control a music player.

Previously, the Gold Wing had Apple CarPlay, an iOS app that makes it easier for motorists to listen to tunes while driving (or in this case, riding). That’s only good for iPhone owners, though; the rest of us with Android phones wanted Honda to include the equivalent, Android Auto. Earlier this year, Harley-Davidson announced Android Auto would be available for its touring bikes, and now Honda has followed suit. It will be available for current-generation Gold Wing owners at no cost, and works with devices that have Bluetooth 5 or better.

Along with its music capability, Android Auto will also allow users to access messaging, although they may need a Bluetooth helmet comm system to fully use its features.

Honda hasn’t released full details of how the upgrade will work, but presumably there will be some way for owners to perform it themselves. If not, your dealership will be more than happy to oblige, no doubt!

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