Along with its NC750X adventure bike, the Honda X-ADV scooter also sees upgrades for 2021, including similar engine updates.

Both models use Honda’s same 745cc liquid-cooled parallel twin, so when Honda updated one machine, the other gets the same treatment. So, both bikes are now Euro5-compliant, and the X-ADV also gets a slight horsepower bump (58 hp, now) for 2021. That comes thanks to a new exhaust and intake, and revised valve settings. A new ride-by-wire throttle also allows Honda to tweak the engine’s power delivery, and include three-level traction control and also three riding modes, including a User mode that can be customized by the operator.

The X-ADV uses a DCT gearbox instead of a standard shift; Honda constantly tweaks this twist-and-go system, supposedly improving user experience. For 2021, Honda’s sensibly linked the DCT’s shifting patterns to the bike’s riding modes.

Honda put a new 5.5-inch TFT screen on the X-ADV, with the Smartphone Voice Control System allowing for control of the infotainment system via helmet headset.

The 2021 machine gets several practical-minded upgrades, along with the engine and electronic improvements. There’s a new five-way adjustable windscreen on the X-ADV, and restyled bodywork, to improve protection from the weather. Honda also re-shaped the seat, supposedly making it easier for riders to throw a leg over the machine, even though the seat height remains unchanged at 820 mm. Honda also increased the size of the under-seat storage compartment.

So, there’s no major game-changer, but many smaller details have been improved. Far as we know, the X-ADV is still not slotted to come to North America, too, leaving us with no proper full-size maxi-scooter in any OEM’s lineup.

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