The quest for the perfect Tool-kit is endless.  Our own ADVRider Tool-kit thread clocks in at over 4500 posts and has been going strong for over 12 years.

I’ve been putting together tool-kits for bikes for many years, mixing and matching tools from a number of brands. I have been constantly refining usage and reducing weight, only to realize that I really do need that size 13 spanner on my trip after all.

While on a trail, you need to cover the basics.

  • Levers and control changes
  • Handlebar adjustments
  • Removal of bodywork and/or the battery.

A light, basic kit is a great place to start, before you begin to assemble your toolkit for tire changes or regular services on the road.

Customizing tool-kits is a matter of preference but if you had to buy one tool kit off the shelf, it would be the Motion Pro MP Tool. I’ve owned this one for over 3 years.  

The Tiny MP Tool


  • A #2 &#3 Philips head screw drivers
  • Small and Medium flat blade screwdrivers
  • 5mm and 6mm Hex bits
  • Adapters for 1/4in and 3/8in drives
  • 10mm open ended drive
  • 10mm and 12mm bits
  • 8,10,12 and 14mm bits integrated into the main body
  • As well as a Bottle opener
  • Still no 13mm spanner!

All this slightly below 360 gms or 12.7 oz and it fits in your pocket.

The nickel pewter finish makes this a very robust tool. The carry case is high denier nylon with a YKK zipper and runner. It even has a few additional loops if you’re looking to add on a few bits.

I’ve added in a surgical blade, a flattened roll of insulation tape, a Motion Pro valve core remover, a 1/4in wobble extension, and a few common sizes of crush washers (10mm and 12mm).

I highly recommend the Motion Pro MP Tool.

I have put my money where my mouth is, over the last 3 years I’ve purchased close to 10 of them to give out as gifts to motorcycling buddies. It is that good, irrespective of what motorcycle you’re on.

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