As promised, Suzuki unveiled its new GSX-S1000 naked bike on April 26. So what’s the new bike all about? It doesn’t seem much-changed from the previous model, mechanically speaking, but it does get a new suit of clothes for 2022.

Motor makeover

The reason for the model update is, of course, emissions. With moto-markets like Europe and India constantly tightening their rules (and an update also just around the corner in the US, supposedly), Suzuki had to update the GSX-S1000 to continue selling it. Now, the updated machine is Euro5-friendly,

At its core, this is still the same K5-series liquid-cooled inline four engine that Suzuki originally developed for the GSX-R1000. Suzuki cleaned the engine’s emissions with updated EFI, new intake and exhaust cams, as well as a new exhaust system with added catalytic converter. There’s a new slipper clutch, and an up/down quickshifter, too.

The updated engine is supposedly good for 150 horsepower at 11,000 rpm.

The quickshifter comes courtesy of throttle-by-wire system, and Suzuki also uses that system to program three different engine power maps. All engine maps have 150 horsepower max output, but the power delivery varies in aggressiveness.

Suzuki also included five-level traction control, and its easy-start (one press of the button fires up the bike) and low-rpm assist systems. Whether those last two features actually sell any motorcycles is hard to know, but they should make the bike a little easier to live with day-to-day. The low-rpm assist, which boosts the revs as the clutch is engaged, means riders are less likely to stall the machine at parking lot speeds and stop signs. That should make it particularly attractive to noobs, although this machine certainly isn’t ideal for the noob market.

Photo: Suzuki

New clothes

You can’t really notice the engine and electronic updates at first glance, but the revised bodywork is very obvious. The previous model wasn’t terrible-looking, certainly more butch than many of the insectoid naked bikes we see from Japan, but it was dated. The new machine has a Euro look, kinda like a KTM Super Duke without all the orange paint. It should be a bit less expensive than the European competition as well.

Other updates

Suzuki also put a new, wider handlebar on the GSX-S1000. The KYB suspension is fully-adjustable, with updated settings from the previous bike. There’s a new seat, new wheels and new fuel tank with 19-litre capacity. Suzuki puts curb weight at 472 pounds; there’s an aluminum frame and swingarm (lifted from the GSX-R1000), but it’s still a heavy beast.

Overall, it’s not an all-new bike, but add it all up, and Suzuki’s definitely advanced over the previous model. See the official marketing promo vid below:

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