There are adventures in most any riding. Unknown roads, never seen places, tests of endurance and ingenuity. Souls being stirred, and new friends to meet.

The 2019 Harley Davidson line has a little something for everyone.

I want to talk about this new Softail offering in particular. Something perfect for wanderings, or the weekend. The new Sport Glide is a great effort and a much better execution of the two bikes in one concept than the old Switchback model.

It is a thoroughly modern bike, but with the feel and soul only Harley can deliver. It excites the senses not just with its looks, but it races the heart when you ride it and you come away with a serious addiction to smooth torque.

Let’s start with the basics. The old Switchback was a good idea but it was burdened down by two basic facts: it was built on a touring frame and with an old motor. The most ardent among the tribe did not care because they were used to heavy frames and knew how to mod the motor for more umph!

The Sport Glide is in a whole other class. This is a smaller, lighter frame which now hosts a motor worthy of the effort. The Milwaukee Eight has gone to a single cam with a counter balancer that removes 75% of the vibration. Just enough is left to remind you of the good/bad old days of quivering flesh.

Four valves per cylinder, and two spark plugs for each, give the motor better breathing and better efficiency, more power and higher mpg.

The oil cooler feeds both cylinder heads and combined with the valve changes, reduces the heat a rider would experience significantly.

Showa forks with double bending valve technology gives you a planted ride and agility that is surprising.

This thing is a blast to ride hard. Now, I should note that I may or may not have lifted the front wheel on a shift from 2nd to 3rd (Nobody can prove nothing).

You can get a 114 option, but it’s only 10% more power over the 107, which is more than enough for this bike. Stage One the 107, and that little difference disappears.

The size may not be comfortable for taller riders, but for those of us in the mid to short range, this bike is a must try kind of ride for light to heavy one up touring. And it even has cruise control for the long straights.

Seriously, ride one. Then try wiping the smile from your face.

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