Norton is taking another aggressive step in the world of superbikes.

A year after introducing the limited-production Norton V4 RR — a 200 hp beast that’ll set you back $35,000 if you get on the order list — they’ve cut the bike in half.

At Britain’s largest bike show, Motorcycle Live (NEC Birmingham) Norton surprised the world with the somewhat-new Superlight.

Somewhat new, because outwardly the Superlight is identical to the V4 RR. Same carbon fiber, same dramatic design.

What’s different is the engine. They’ve taken the front bank of the 1200 CC V4 RR and made that their powerplant, much in the way Norton did for the Atlas Nomad and Atlas Ranger scramblers. They’ve lengthened the stroke from 56.8mm to 61.5mm, gaining another 25cc. And that gives them a high-revving oversquare (82mm bore) 650 cc lump that can make 105 hp at 12,500rpm.

Norton Superlight — image courtesy of Norton

The engine is a stressed member attached to the same tubular aluminum frame as the superbike’s, with an adjustable swingarm pivot and steering head.

Other features give away Norton’s plan for this little rocket. It has a sharp 24.2-degree stock head angle, a 55″ (1399mm) wheelbase and weighs approximately 397 lbs (180kg) wet.

Norton Spuerlght — image courtesy UK Club Sport

That makes for a sweet-handling bike. A racy machine, even.

So it’s no surprise that Norton says they plan to run the Superlight at the Isle of Man TT races, where it will take on the dominant Kawasaki-engined 650 cc twins in the Lightweight class.

For the consumer, the Superlight comes with traction, wheelie and launch control, a six-axis Inertial Management Unit (IMU,) three ride modes (Road, Sport and Pro-Race,) a quick-shifter, an auto-blipper and a seven-inch HD display.

It also comes with its own hefty price tag, £19,950, which amounts to almost $26,000.

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