You’ve probably never heard of Ola Electric. Most of us haven’t, but it looks like this electric scooter company has launched in India ready to absolutely take over that part of the world.

The Ola Electric website is very slick. There are, however, a lot of things about this scooter and its marketing materials that have the look and feel of vaporware. If it’s real, and their plans to make a scooter every two seconds (seriously!) come to fruition, they’re going to be a juggernaut.

Their launch video is video is pretty convincing.

I know, I hear you. Scooters? Electric scooters? Nobody likes scooters. They’re boring and goofy. Right? Nope. Go test ride an electric two-wheeler, any electric two-wheeler, and you will be ready to welcome the electric powertrain into your life.

This particular scooter is extremely well-thought-out. It does a lot of things that current motorcycles do not do, like come in a startling array of colors. You may not think that’s a very big deal, but paint sells bikes. I bet a shiny dollar you’ve melted at the sight of a motorcycle in a particularly delicious color, and that paint probably influenced your purchase decision.

This adorable little thing also ships with a built-in 7″ touch-screen powered by its own OS, and that screen is totally programmable and customizable. You can keep your scooter silent, or choose what sound it will make, all through the Ola app. It will work with your phone to play music, take a phone call, or navigate to your favorite spot. Yeah, it has GPS built in.

Ola is currently making a single scooter model in two models, and those models only differ in speed. Their aim is to make a total of ten million units a year, and keep them cheap and cute. That economy of scale will keep these adorable little things affordably priced. Currently they’re around $1250 USD for the standard S1 model and $1750 for the S1 Pro.

The S1 top speed is not fast, they are not highway bikes. A standard S1 will hit 56mph and the Pro 75mph, with a 181 mile range. The performance numbers aren’t mind-blowing. But if Ola’s FutureFactory delivers as promised, this little people-mover will soon find itself consuming 15 percent of the global motorcycle market.

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