As the Coronavirus outbreak wreaks havoc all around the world, stranded riders are trying to find ways to either sit the storm out or get home. To help people connect, I started an online video project called The Quarantine Diaries where adventure riders stranded in foreign countries send in updates and stay in touch.

Just a week ago, plenty of riders out there were hoping this would pass quickly, or would not affect the part of the world they’re in. However, the COVID-19 is a pandemic, and there’s no running away now: with most countries in Europe, Africa, and South America entering total lock down, riders are finding it harder and harder to find accommodation or get on the last flights home. Borders are closing down, hotels and AirBnBs are forced to shut their doors, and many foreigners are finding themselves in dicey situations.

Stuart Taylor, an Australian rider, is currently stuck in Thailand hoping to store his bike somewhere and fly home while he still can. Xenia and Martin, aka XT Adventures, have just made it out of Ethiopia where, according to Xenia, the situation is escalating quickly: in Adis Abeba, she told me, locals are turning suspicious if not downright aggresive towards foreigners, and it’s just not a good place to be. In the meantime, Michael, a German rider, had spent four days on the border of Egypt and Sudan trying to cross, but it seems he might have to bail and try to get home for the time being. Adam, an American rider stranded in Coyhaique, Chile, is attempting to get out as soon as possible, too. Tim and Marissa Notier have sent a quick update from Uganda where they are currently stuck until further notice.

Here are riders’ video updates from around the world:

If you are a rider currently stuck somewhere abroad and would like to share your story or need help, send a one-minute video clip to:


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