If you’re looking for new tires for your sport tourer, Dunlop’s new Roadsmart IV might be what you’re looking for, if you’ve got the money for them.

Sport-touring bikes face a similar challenge to adventure bikes: They have to do two things well, and those two things seem diametrically opposed. Adventure bikes have to offer on-road grip, utility and longevity, but also hook up in the dirt. Sport touring tires have their own challenge; they need to provide cornering confidence (that’s the “sport” part of the equation) and also last for long-distance hauls (the “touring” part of the title). That means you want the characteristics of both a hard tire (longer-lasting) and a soft tire (better grip).

To do that, manufacturers typically offer a dual-compound tire, with a harder rubber in the centre (where you slog out the highway miles) and a softer rubber on the sides of the tire (where you’re riding through the corners). That’s what the Roadsmart IV offers, along with a third rubber compound underneath the surface. This is intended to help the tires warm up more quickly.

Dunlop also tweaked the tire profile and tread pattern, and when you add up all the changes, this tire is supposed to offer more grip than the previous Roadsmart III tire, and also last considerably longer. Have no fear, though, if you’re a fan of the Roadsmart III, Dunlop is also keeping that tire around, as a more budget-friendly option. The new Roadsmart IV has front tires in 17-inch and 18-inch sizes, with pricing start at $181 for a front. Pricing starts at $224 for a rear, which seems to only be available in 17-inch sizes at this point. Check out Dunlop’s press release below for more information, or visit the company’s website for fitment details.

Dunlop’s Roadsmart IV sets a new Sport-Touring benchmark

Buffalo, NY: Sport-touring riders have unique demands. They want sport-bike level grip and handling, a compliant ride, and most of all high mileage.

Dunlop exceeded customer expectations with the Sportmax Roadsmart III® (RSIII), a tire with class-leading mileage and performance that lasted deep into its lifespan.
Now the benefits of the RSIII have been elevated in the all-new Sportmax Roadsmart IV® (RSIV), which joins the RSIII in Dunlop’s sport-touring line. Dunlop’s two-tiered market strategy gives riders the option to choose between the high-performing and now lower-priced RSIII or opt for the class-leading performance of the new RSIV.

The RSIV establishes a new benchmark for best-in-class mileage and stays close to its peak performance throughout its lifespan. Additionally, the RSIV offers performance upgrades compared to the RSIII, including quicker steering response, more nimble handling, and greater wet-weather performance—grip, stability and overall response.*

The RSIV is a completely new tire—new tread patterns, construction, compounds, and profiles. And while the RSIV utilizes Dunlop’s exclusive MT Multi-Tread™ technology for high mileage and high grip, the tire features innovative new technology that expands the performance envelope.

Benefits include:

– Increased mileage (up 26% in the rear, up 23% in front**)

– Class leading grip in wet and dry conditions

– 15% lighter steering

– More neutral steering and rider feel

– Quicker warm-up

– More even wear across the life of the tire

– Greater compliance, ride quality, and comfort

Widest Range Available

With the addition of the Roadsmart IV, Dunlop has created the most market-driven sport-touring tire range available in sizes to fit a broad variety of motorcycles. Additionally, Dunlop continues to be the only brand offering sport-touring tires that perform on both “Standard” and “GT” bikes, eliminating the need for two separate versions of its sport-touring tires.

The Roadsmart IV joins Dunlop’s premium performance products by offering what other tires cannot: class-leading mileage, the handling of a full-on sport tire, and tremendous wet-weather grip—all while letting riders enjoy these advantages throughout its lifespan.

To find out more about Dunlop’s new Sportmax Roadsmart IV, go to www.dunlopmotorcycletires.com

*Testing performed at the Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. proving grounds in Japan on a 2016 Suzuki GSF1250 with tire sizes 120/70ZR17 front and 180/55ZR17 rear. Individual results may vary.

**Testing performed by Dunlop in Japan on a 2018 Honda CB1300 SB with tire sizes 120/70ZR17 front and 180/55ZR17 rear on 40% public roads and 60% highways. Individual results may vary.

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