Remember earlier this year, when we told you the Toronto Motorcycle Film festival was coming in early October?

Well, it’s early October now, and that means you can tune in from anywhere in the world and watch some, or all, of this year’s show lineup. This year’s films aren’t geo-targeted, so Americans, Europeans, or whoever can watch.

Of course, you can blame the coronavirus pandemic for the TMFF’s move to online viewing. Normally, you’d be watching these films in-theatre, as the festival usually runs at Toronto’s Revue Cinema. Organizers planned to still show some films there last week (the festival runs October 1-10), but most of this year’s content is online-only.

That extends to the “extras.” The film always has Q&A panels and other interactions with the filmmakers, and this year, that’s running again. Besides the films themselves, there’s usually something happening most days of this year’s festival; click here to see a listing of what’s running, and when. Don’t forget, viewers can also vote for the year’s best film in the People’s Choice award, too.

Otherwise, you can watch all the films on-demand, on your own schedule. You can buy an all-access pass, or choose to only pay for individual films. Click here to see the lineup of this year’s films. If you want to only watch one, then click on that title and you’ll see links to an individual ticket. Otherwise, you can get an all-access pass here, which will save you money if you’re watching a lot of films. Plus, it helps support the festival.

Follow the built-in links on TMFF’s webpage to see the ADV films they’re screening this year.

If you’re looking for ADV-specific content, click on the “adventure” icon on the lineup page, and it’ll narrow the list down. However, if you’re into bikes, chances are you’ll enjoy most of the films offered here. There’s speedway racing, weird counterculture moto clubs building custom bikes, vintage racing, and other fun stuff.

This year’s film festival is over on October 10. Films are currently streaming through Eventive’s online service; you can view Eventive through a web browser, or Apple TV, Roku device, or other devices.

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