Before I started riding a motorcycle around the world, I was just a regular guy. I had a job, an apartment, some hobbies, some clothes, and, of course, a motorcycle.

I used to see on magazines or on social media all these travelers, called “overlanders” that were roaming around the world with their 4×4 or motorcycles, and wondered: “how the hell are they able to do that? They must be millionaires!”

Then obviously, once I started traveling myself, I realized that these people are not millionaires (or at least not the vast majority of them), but simply hardcore dream chasers.

It’s hard to imagine how much it costs on average to go around the world because everyone has his or her own objectives, style, and needs.

So technically there is no “amount” that you can say will be sufficient to go around the planet. The “shocking” truth is that, if you think about it, it doesn’t cost much to travel for a long time.

Why is it so hard to picture it? Easy.

The reason why is hard is that when we think about “traveling”, we are still in our comfort zone. When we are imagining how much would it cost to keep our current lifestyle (the one we struggled to achieve by working so hard) and vacationing for a year. The secret is that none of the overlanders travel in 5 stars hotel or dine in classy restaurants; if you downgrade from your current quality of life and you are willing to adapt to a more “rustic” way of living, traveling will not cost you a lot of money at all. Au contraire, it will be cheaper than living wherever you are right now.

The common denominator between most overlanders is in fact their adaptability. This is the true value of an adventurer or any animal who has to “survive” actually.

The biggest obstacle that prevents any person to go traveling is always himself/herself.

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