This one is for those of us who have acquired a moderate-to-serious case of MBD (Multiple Bike Disorder). Perhaps you’ve rescued some motorcycles that weren’t well cared for in their previous homes. Maybe you need a bike for every occasion. Or maybe your garage space is just a smidge too small for the number of wheels you want to fit in there.

Being in the latter camp, my philosophy is that there are never “too many motorcycles.” There is only “not enough time” or “too small garage space,” or some combination of those.

No matter where you fall on the MBD spectrum, you have probably run into the “moving motorcycles around” problem, possibly compounded by the “heavy bike” problem. I definitely run into it in my “one-car” garage space. Four motorcycles, tools, parts, riding gear, and workspace (and some machinery like a very large compressor and a bench grinder on its own pedestal) make for some pretty tight parking arrangements. When winter rolls around I need to stuff the snow-thrower into the mix, too.

I tested it out on my oilhead first, on the shaft side. No problemo.

Enter: The Dolly

While I’d been eyeballing something like Harbor Freight’s full-length motorcycle dolly, I must admit to having no experience with these. If you own one and love it, I’d love to hear about it. It seems like a struggle to mount the bike. Also, storing the thing when it’s not in use, and the fact that you’d need to purchase and own one for each bike make it a no-go for me. Condor makes one that seems easier to use, and it holds the bike upright. But that one’s five hundred bucks. Next!

Fits under the shaft of the Super Tenere, too.

Can We Just Slide The Back Around?

Then I happened on the idea of a single-wheel dolly. I can always put the front of the bike anywhere I want; it’s the back wheel that’s the problem. I can pick up the 250cc dirt bike myself, and nudge it into position, with some effort. I can also pivot it on its side stand. These methods are not options for the 600-lb ADV bike, or the 550lb sport tourer.

Enter the (grabber style) wheel dolly. The caster wheels are about the size of hockey pucks, so it rolls easily even over lightly damaged concrete. There is no lift built in. Simply position the tubes to grab your rear wheel, and step on the pedal to squeeze. The dolly squeezes the rear tire right up off the ground. Several different manufacturers make this style, you’ll just need to find one that makes you happy. This one’s el cheapo, cost me $100, and claims 1250lb working weight. This is not a paid advert; I bought this thing without knowing if it’d even work out.

It sneaks under the SV650’s exhaust well enough to be functional.

Now, the front wheel is still planted, and so is the side stand. The bike doesn’t go anywhere until you lift it up off that stand. But when you do, suddenly, gravity doesn’t matter. Swing the back of the bike around to wherever you want it. When the back of the bike is where you want it, rest it back on the side stand, flip the switch on the dolly and tap the pedal until the tire is on the ground again, and roll the dolly out. Then, pop the bike up on its center stand if you want.

The real beauty of a dolly like this is, you only need to own one. Move one bike, plop it down, and then roll the dolly under the next motorcycle. It’s not sided, either: you can grab a rear wheel from either side, and from my testing it looks like there’s enough clearance for the grabber to function no matter the size or final-drive style of the bike. Some low exhaust systems may argue, though, so your mileage may vary.

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