Everybody be talking about full-sized electric motorcycles these days, or e-bikes, or electric scooters, or other grownup-oriented powered two-wheelers. But there’s a whole secondary market out there, for kids, and that’s where Husqvarna’s new partnership with StaCyc comes in.

StaCyc specializes in building small-scale electric motorcycle for kids. Now, it’s building two machines for Husky: The Husqvarna Motorcycles Replica 12eDrive and 16eDrive balance bikes. Husqvarna says these machines will give “entry-level enjoyment while encouraging the development of essential riding skills.”

To do that, these machines have a choice of three power modes, and an unpowered coasting mode that functions like every other balance bike. The idea is, kids can develop hand-eye coordination, balance and throttle controls. The Replica 12eDrive is aimed at kids aged 3-5. It has a 13-inch seat height, and 12-inch wheels, and its power modes will make about 5 mph, 7 mph, or 9 mph. The Replica 16eDrive has a brushless motor with more power, and is aimed at kids aged 4-8. It comes with 17-inch wheels and 16-inch wheels. Its power modes will make 5 mph, 7.5 mph, or 13 mph.

From what we can figure from the press release, both bikes should have about an hours’ run time, with “fast recharge times.” These should be rechargeable from a standard house outlet.

For more details, including pricing, your best bet is to talk to your local dealers. The bikes are supposed to be available there already, at least in North America.

One other thing: Guess who owns StaCyc? Last we heard, it was Harley-Davidson. Most Interesting, Indeed!


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