If you’ve been on this planet for a while, you may remember a saying that Exxon used to use long before they became Exxon Mobil.

“Put a tiger in your tank.”

As you can imagine, there were plenty of images of tigers running as an analogy to how Exxon fuel would make your car perform. Just like in this video from the 80’s.

But recently, in India, two motorcycle riders nearly got a tiger not in their tank but on their tank.

The Forests and Wildlife Protection Society (FAWPS) posted this video on their Facebook page. A Forest Officer named Kelu caught the scene while riding pillion as he traveled through the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary in India. Kelu and the bike’s operator had been dispatched to check on a report of the tiger in the area. Clearly, they found it.

One commenter on FAWPS’s Facebook page asked whether taking a motorcycle to look for a tiger was the best idea. Others praised the motorcycle operator as being a skilled rider.

Whatever you think of the officers’ decision to check for a tiger using a motorcycle, it’s a good reminder that there are places in the world that call for extra caution, especially if you are on a motorcycle.


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