The good people over at have done it again. Their hard-working Internet sleuths have uncovered a trademark application for Polaris, protection the name “Scout Rogue.” The wording of the application suggests it’s intended to name a new motorcycle model, but doesn’t guarantee that for sure.

So, uh. That’s not much to go on. What would a Scout Rogue look like?

The Scout lineup doesn’t get the same love as Indian’s big-money Challenger and other touring and bagger models, but it’s a solid series of cruisers with performance that outstrips equivalent models from Harley-Davidson. The Scout series saw its origin in a Victory Motorcycles skunk works project before Polaris cut that division loose … or at least, that’s the commonly accepted belief. also points out that Victory actually filed its own trademark for the Rogue name, back in 2013, so we could actually be seeing a warmed-over idea from way back then. It wouldn’t be the first time Indian has finished a project that Victory started.

Currently, Indian’s Scout lineup is entirely comprised of retro-styled cruisers. It’s possible the Rogue could end up with more modern lines, like the muscle cruiser-esque designs that Victory built. There’s already a bobber in the Scout lineup, so chances are we wouldn’t see another one of those. Maybe this is a touring-oriented model, or something more sensible—Harley-Davidson built touring-oriented Sportsters in the past, so the idea isn’t 100 percent crazy. However, the Rogue moniker implies something a little less sensible.

Although the trademark application is no guarantee of anything, we’d expect to see this bike unveiled by fall, if it’s really going to happen.


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