Packing for a long overland trip has been discussed in so many forms across so many different platforms that I won’t repeat any of it here. Instead, I’ll talk about what not to pack for a motorcycle journey to avoid overloading your bike. Granted, this may also be different for everyone, but people often forget that there are supermarkets and shops everywhere in the world. Things can always be bought on the go if you really do need them, and it’s usually easier to pack less than to figure out a way to DHL a third of your belongings home when you realized you haven’t used stuff for months and it’s taking up space in your panniers.


Pack as little as you possibly can – few pairs of underwear and socks, a couple of t-shirts, some thermals, a hiking jacket, shoes or flip-flops, and a pair of lightweight pants should do. If you find yourself in a T-shirt or underwear emergency, just buy something locally: there are supermarkets everywhere, and you can also use local thrift stores or dollar shops.

Spare chargers, batteries, cables

These are available absolutely everywhere. Pack the bare essentials, and if you realize you need an extra cable or charger, just get one on the way.


Do pack your cooking gear and some essentials if you plan to cook your own meals, and do carry snacks. But there’s no point in stuffing your panniers with a food reserve for a week or so: chances are, you won’t be away from villages or towns for more than three days in a row, and food can be easily bought along the way. Only pack items you know you won’t find in the next couple of weeks or so, like good quality coffee or beef jerky. Everything else can be sourced on the road everywhere you go.

Let us know in the comments what are you “Do not pack” items.

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