Motorcycle theft stinks. But, don’t worry—SkunkLock has your back, because it stinks too.

The problems with existing bike locks

Existing motorcycle locks provide protection two ways. All locks offer some sort of physical impediment to theft, but there’s always a criminal workaround, Determined criminals can just team up to physically pick up a motorcycle with a disc lock. If a motorcycle is chain-locked to a solid object, the crims can cut through the chain, or whatever it’s chained to. Same for a U-lock.

Some lockmakers have taken security to the next level by integrating a loud alarm into the lock, but even that only alerts people in the vicinity that someone’s messing with the lock. It doesn’t actually prevent the theft.

A smelly solution

With all that in mind, SkunkLock’s designers came up with a new design that doesn’t just physically secure the bike. If someone cuts the SkunkLock’s D-shackle, it releases a chemical formula, made of “fatty acids commonly found in rancid butter, parmesan cheese, and our very own vomit … effective as deterrent because of their extremely unpleasant and vomit inducing smell.” The would-be thief ends up repelled by the stench, in theory.

The noxious gas is pressurized inside the D-shackle, so you shouldn’t release the gas accidentally. This isn’t a smart lock, requiring periodic recharging. SkunkLock’s website points out the weaknesses of battery-based lock systems, and keeps its product simple by focusing on chemical/mechanical theft protection. See it in action below:

So while you can’t cut into this thing without getting covered in stench, you can still take a mini-grinder to it, if you don’t mind that risk! Or you could try picking the lock itself. The SkunkLock uses a  “top-of-the-line, pick resistant, and drill-resistant disc locking cylinder,” but of course, any lock can be picked if you have enough time and expertise.

For more information on the SkunkLock, head over to the company’s website. At $180, it’s not cheap, but then, neither is a new motorcycle.

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