Did you ever watch that YouTube classic The Ridge? You know the one—Danny MacAskill riding a bicycle through the mountains of a deserted Scottish island, with a Martyn Bennet soundtrack? If you haven’t seen it, you should—you can find it here.

Well, this weekend, TMFF Cinema is screening a film that looks to be basically the same thing, except there’s no Martyn Bennet soundtrack, no Danny MacAskill, and instead of a bicycle, there’s a motorcycle involved.

The name of the film is Never Ride Alone. Here’s an excerpt from the TMFF website, telling us what the film is about:

Driven to explore and push his physical limits to the edge, Scott Englund traverses the Andes of Peru. Becoming obsessed with Pumahuanca, a 5,300-metre high (17,400 foot) mountain that he is determined to climb on his dirt bike, something no one has ever done before. On his own, Scott tackles the challenge of documenting his solo attempt at being the first to ever cross through the region on a dirt bike.

The scenery is magnificent and matched only by Scott’s incredible riding skills and determination to never give up.

As you can see in the video above, this doesn’t appear to be a game for sissies. The whole Vin Diesel “live my life a quarter mile at a time” voiceover schtick might sound a bit lame, but hey, if you fall off a mountain, it’s never an enjoyable experience. Especially when there’s a motorcycle involved.

TMFF Cinema is screening the film online March 11-13; it’s not geo-restricted, so anybody, anywhere, can watch it, as long as your Internet connection is fast enough. You can pre-order tickets here.

Along with the film screening, TMFF Cinema is also hosting a live Q&A session with the film’s star, Scott Eglund, through its YouTube and Facebook pages. This runs Friday, March 12, at 9 PM ET.

What’s TMFF Cinema?

TMFF Cinema is an offshoot of the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival. We ran a couple of stories about the festival in 2020; when it started, it was mainly for riders in Toronto, running out of the hip Revue Cinema venue. Now, with COVID-19 disrupting that plan for 2020, the organizers were forced to move online. With no geo-restrictions, riders from all over the world were able to watch the 2020 festival online. Like the 2020 festival, TMFF Cinema is not geo-restricted, so you can watch it from anywhere.

TMFF Cinema is just showing one-off movies for a few days at a time, but organizer Caius Tenche says there are plans for a bigger project, one that sees the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival running a video-on-demand service for motorcycle films. Stay tuned on this one, as it could finally be the one-stop shopping for motorcycle movies that the world needs.

For more details on the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival, visit its website.

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