At this point, Mission:Impossible Fallout has been in and out of your local movie theatre and is well on its way to becoming a DVD release and thereafter a movie to dial-up on cable TV.

So there’s nothing newsy about this post. If you watched the film, you already know that Tom Cruise did daring things on a modified BMW R nineT. As he is wont to do, he insisted on doing a lot of the stunts himself, including some of the riding.

But there’s nothing wrong with a little eye candy in this troubled world of ours. So when we stumbled across a promo video showing behind-the-scenes video of Cruise riding the nineT in Paris (including going the wrong way through traffic around the Arc de Triomphe) we thought it was worth a look-see. Especially since Cruise is now a 56 year old man.

As for that final get off–well, if that wasn’t a stunt man, then somewhere there’s a movie insurance executive who’s recovering from heart trouble.

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