Think tiny bikes for RTW travel is a ludicrous idea? Think they’re way too uncomfortable, slow, and, well, tiny? Think again!

Multiple international riders have made it – or are still attempting to – around the world on 50cc scooters, 90cc Honda Cubs, and even Honda Groms, and it seems the trend continues. Young millennials with small budgets and big dreams are setting out into the world on two wheels regardless of engine size or horse power.

Here are the three most prominent ambassadors of tiny bikes for RTW travel.

  1. Nathan Millward

Nathan’s famous Australia to UK journey on his Honda 105cc is well documented in his ride report and his most current ADV Rider interview. Nathan rode the 105cc all the way from Sydney through Asia and Europe, before making it back home to England. He logged 23,000 miles on that journey, and three years later, he shipped the postie bike to North America and rode it from New York to San Francisco and Alaska.

  1. Ed March

Ed March rode his Honda C90 from Malaysia to the UK and from Alaska to Argentin, all the while making hilarious videos on the way. Ed’s adventures are all about having fun, not taking anything seriously, and acting as a two-wheeled Lost and Found from time to time:

  1. Nicklas Aittama

This 23-year-old Swedish nutter is riding around the world on a Honda Grom MSX 125. Currently exploring Nepal, Nicklas is happy with his bike choice – so much so that his YoutTube series is called Gromance ADV.

Check out Nicklas’s Instagram page for more info!

If you had a small budget, plenty of time, and enough sense of humor, would you ride around the world on a tiny bike?

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